Friday, August 17, 2012

Chocolate Frog Box Template

Unsatisfied with the Chocolate Frog Box Templates I found online, I decided to make my own! Let it be known, I did not create the designs, but I cut and pasted from one that was a little less functional. It's more accurate to the films than the purple one you may find. It may be a little bulky, but that guarantees that the frog will fit. Here it is!

Print on card stock. If the size isn't satisfactory, try opening the file with Paintbrush, the Mac paint program. You can find the link to install Paintbrush here ( If that doesn't work, or you don't have a Mac, try resizing the image yourself. The flat image should be almost exactly 10 inches in length (measuring from the top of the top box to the bottom of the bottom box).

Have fun! I made this, because I'm hoping I'll get the opportunity to throw a Harry Potter party for my future children! I'll upload templates for the Chocolate Frog cards too! If you have any questions or need further instructions, leave me a comment. 


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